Rain, Rain

November 18, 2020 06:56pm
Current Mood: peaceful
Currently Listening To: the rain

It was one of those slow, rainy days. It was perfectly wonderful as a matter of fact. I slept a decent amount of hours last night and woke up to rain outside my windows. Brewed two cups of hot black coffee and relaxed in a warm house with family all day. For much of the morning and afternoon, I wrote. Not sure what direction I'm taking it yet but am thirty-two hundred words into a new story and it felt good to type the hours away.

I took an unexpected afternoon nap and woke up right before dinner. It's still pouring outside and it still sounds wonderful. Dinner was yummy and now I'm munching on peanut M&M's while watching a little TV. It was just a very nice, chill day.

Went out into public for the first time in a long while yesterday to pick up some necessities. Was surprised to see a large amount of people still walking around with no face coverings on, even working within the local businesses. It should not have been too shocking considering some of the debate I see taking place on local chat boards, but our governor just closed many indoor businesses again due to spikes in cases across the state. School went back to online-only. There are over EIGHTEEN THOUSAND deaths in the state of California alone from the virus so far with no signs of the death rate slowing down anytime soon. To see people still trying to treat it like a flu outbreak or like it is "no big deal" is bizarre when most people have access to the same information and stories online. Almost everything and anything you could ever want to learn can be looked up instantly, and even with that being the case people still want to pretend that straight up denial or faith is going to keep them healthy against a deadly virus. It is bonkers to witness, to say the least.

I honestly never understood all of the bitching and complaining about masks in the first place. It is simple, lightweight, easy to put on and take off and not only does it make you look like an intelligent, more considerate human being but it also could significantly raise your chances of not catching a disease that has a real potential to kill you.

Plus, did no one tell some of you that they make us look like freaking cartoon villains?! What? You don't like looking badass while saving lives? It's fun, you really should try it out. ;)

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