November 20, 2020 02:30pm
Current Mood: calm
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I feel like some cranky old woman on the internet sometimes. I've drifted away from manically checking most of my accounts and sometimes will forget about one for a couple of years. Finally logged into instagram again and made some efforts to get reacquainted with the layout. However, it has been a good long while since I've used the site and I'm not sure I like the concept as much as I once did. The photographer in me should love it, maybe if I give it a little more of a chance...

Or maybe after twenty plus years of publishing my life online, a simple written blog is about all I have the time and energy for. I am making plans to do a few other things online when I have the chance, but it is no longer high priority like it may have been in the past. My online attitude for a handful of years has been "Eh, if I get to it, I get to it." Half the time, I do not "get to it."

Is it any wonder that a decline in online activity and curiosity along with living out in the boonies has me feeling a little like a Anne Rice vampire? I may need to make another vampire now to help me get reacquainted with society and the times, only my nap wasn't even several hundred years long.

It is so temping to just completely pull the plug though. Dump the online accounts and maybe even all of the websites one day. Effectively "disappear" by going offline. Become that spooky old woods hermit I always knew I would be one day. Or was it a creepy ocean cottage hermit? Does it really matter, as long as some peace can be found? I can wear black and red dresses and grow herbs just about anywhere.

It is probably a little early for a social retirement. Maybe I should just try and figure out how to use this instagram page a little more first. I can always become the crazy woods hermit next year if I tire of it. I'll spend a little more time thinking about what sort of animal I will hoard. I know many women go with cats but I was thinking of being the crazy scorpion lady or tarantula lady. Kids can dare each other to run up to the porch and I will have fun with it. It will be Halloween every day of the year, because fuck it, why not? I'll grow lavender, nightshades and pot.

Who needs facebook when they have that kind of future to look forward to? ;) Until all of that happens however, I'll make an effort. I have more followers on instagram than I expected considering the last image I posted was seven and a half years ago. Maybe they'll want to see something new. ;-P

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"Now my mind's going too. It plays tricks on me. And spookiest of all, I lost my angel. I had a guardian who looked after me. I think I miss him the most. My angel." - Joanna - Eye of the Beholder (1999)