Which Hat?

November 21, 2020 11:21am
Current Mood: contemplative
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Got the morning treadmill/shower/coffee routine out of the way. Now trying to decide how to divide up the time. Some paperwork needs my attention. I want to do a little writing. Feel like making pretty graphics as well. The bathroom needs bleaching.

Where to start?

The problem is I tend to get so wrapped up in one task I forget to set aside time for the others. Once I sit down and select something, it may be all I get to for the day.

Really want to make something colorful today though. Well, make something red? Do I use many other colors? Just a sea of reds and black make up all many of my favorite creations in the past. Read whatever silly psychology you want into it, I have a lifelong romance with the color red and it is in almost everything I make or buy. I've had red hair (most of the time) for so long it might as well start growing that way. Website graphics and css is no different, I'm just pouring those FF0000s, 990000s and 660000s on thick. I told someone the other day that my favorite online theme (and almost everywhere else in life) seemed to be something like "Satan Parties on Halloween Night". A little silly since I am pretty far from religious these days so some of the symbolism should mean very little, but how do you shake a lifetime horror movie/rock/metal music/Halloween obsession once it has set in this deep? I still love all of the dark art I scroll online. Jack-o-lanterns. The spooky music. Black fishnet. The grotesque films. Let's face it, Rosemary's Baby, The Thing and Hellraiser and buried in the brain matter so deep, they're not going anywhere.

Oof. Just a mess of good intentions and bad desires. That may never change either.

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"I never forget a body, Doctor!" - Rebecca Smythers - Dead Heat (1988)