Open 24 Hours

November 25, 2020 11:39pm
Current Mood: relaxed

Watched "Open 24 Hours" (2018) tonight. Kind of a sweet movie once you wade through all of the death and gore. ;-P It was a entertaining enough slasher film (though with various-sized hammers, so a smasher film?) with a decent twist about a troubled girl trying to start a new life after some time behind bars following a romance as bloody and toxic as they get. Things of course do not go smoothly, especially on her first night at a new job.

Killers and love, like cinnamon and sugar I'll eat up just about anything you throw the two into.

Have a huge meal to cook up for very few people tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it. It should be a decent day. Predictable, but decent. I'll put on something polka-dotted, smoke a little weed and cook/bake the entire day away. Have some other things to work on as well. Maybe it will rain again. I'll be checking posts less frequently but answering direct messages semi-promptly, if anyone needs me.

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