Swirls in a puddle

December 15, 2020 12:46am
Current Mood: sleepy
Currently Listening To: A snoring dog

The year is coming to an end as another trip around the sun begins. Of course, not much changes between the last day of December and first day of January, but I do love New Year Eve parties and midnight kisses. What is life without celebration?

When was the last time I celebrated something other than a daytime birthday at home? A Halloween party several years back? A goth prom outing in 2017? It feels like ten years ago already. Sometimes I miss the nightlife fiercely.

Late nights here are lovely in completely different ways; clear night skies, shockingly bright full moons and unnervingly dark new moons. Earlier today was a new moon solar eclipse, though it would not have been viewable from this location on the planet. It begins an interesting seven day count down to a visible conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter dubbed "the chirstmas star" or some silliness like that. Should be an interesting event to view from a chilly porch anyway.

I keep staring at this keyboard and realizing that the things I want to write about most would be best if left unspoken. Strange how often that happens. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate what needs to be said with what can wait. I have always been from that camp of people who say annoyingly predictable things about living an unpredictable life such as "Life is short! Gotta get your living in when you can! Never put off what you want to say today because you may not be around to say it tomorrow. Love! Fuck! Dance! Live!"

City Michelle said many "crazy" things. Country Michelle is relearning to appreciate silence, regular alone time and her own non-stop thoughts. Some days it can be blissful, others a mess.

Was not a fan of the self-facing lens so will take the occasional mirror photo. Of course there are only a few mirrors in the house meaning many of my pictures have the same background these days. It adds to the "space station" feeling and does not do much for variety, but it is me so? :)

Guess the mirrors no longer cause the anxiety they did when I was young.

I chuckled to myself the other day and thought, "If I ever were to gather the courage up to write out a honest autobiography, nobody would believe it was 100% true" That is probably the best way to live a life, to be honest. I wonder how many of the details I will remember if I am graced with twice this age. Will most of it be lost to time and faulty memory? Will any of it be recalled correctly? Maybe one day I will finally sit down and write it all out before sending it out to sea in a sealed bottle, like all of those letters I wrote as a child.

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