Forgive and Forget

December 20, 2020 09:57pm
Current Mood: tired
Just Watched: Starfish (2018)

Just finished Starfish (2018). Really liked this one. Listed as a horror though it was more of a touching sci-fi mystery. Though the ending left a lot up to interpretation, something I normally find to be a little irritating and "lazy" in films, the whole movie worked. It was strange, disjointed and surprisingly creative. The overlapping themes of the supposed end of the world, grief of losing loved ones, the isolation of depression and learning to forgive one's self wound together in a neat and mysterious little package filled with interesting looking monsters and music. The fact that mix tapes are responsible for either ending or saving of the world was a nice touch.

As far as it being about a girl isolated in a snowy mountain town around xmas time as stories of strange radio signals and monoliths start popping up... whatever movie, you don't know my life. It's not the end of the world, I don't care what people on the internet are saying *chuckles*

Feeling a touch run down today so going to continue taking it easy until the battery meter is back at 100%. Tomorrow is the "great conjunction". I have no idea which one of you has the shard, but don't forget to heal the crystal (80's kids will get this).

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