But They Don't Fall Down

January 7, 2021 08:55am
Current Mood: *yawn*

Felt like I should check in somewhere online. Been in a real cuddle-up-and-do-little mode since the weather shifted toward something more winterlike. I need my left arm but may give up one toe if I could sit next to a big open REAL fireplace right now with a cup of cocoa and a book on a night when ten PM stretched on for hours. However, I lack a big open fireplace and the proper scientific gear needed to build a machine capable of pausing time.

I would also accept this scenario without the book and with a kinkier twist, but we'll leave those thoughts off the net for just the moment.

Was thinking of getting around to one of those new year selfies but have been lazy about it. Pretty bad to be lazy about taking a picture when nearly every device you can purchase anymore comes standard with a camera, but here I am. It's 2021 and I am parked on top of my made bed under the "top blankie" (I have a system, okay?) with hot coffee and no desire to whip up any interesting plans for the day. I've been pretty good at being a quiet Betty Crocker; just cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and bleaching things each day before retiring to some small unimportant task designed to pass time until the following day's chores.

It's been thrilling. :-/

The holidays were nice though and December was filled with gifts, big delicious dinners and happy moments spent with my kids so I will stop with the boredom complaints right here.

Not going to remark much about how crazy 2020 was or how nutty 2021 already is... *big heavy sigh and eye roll* Every year I have ever known felt "crazy" and slightly harder than the one before it. Life is tough. The trick has always been to not let the struggle break you. Has that ever not been true? I will say that 2021 has kicked off with a *Bang* in Mercia already though, so there is that. I've been laughing at photos of "the red wave" for 24 hours straight. Was that a furry with a blow horn on his hip and a sign saying he was sent by "Q"? Oh jeez, LMAO! Sometimes life is so bonkers all you can do is laugh.

Been in a quiet, reflective place for the most part. Taking a break from fighting myself so hard all of the time. Taking a break from the sorts of fantasies I used to indulge in about what I wanted from life and trying to focus more on "what can I actually make happen right now?" When there are setbacks they can be hard to not obsess over. I need to be more like a weeble-wobble in times of frustration though; right back up no matter what.

I kinda miss those, weeble-wobbles. I tried explaining what they were to a teenager who had just recently received a expensive gaming computer as a birthday gift and he looked at me like "You poor thing and your stone age toys from the 70's" LOL. However I loved mine when I was very little. A goofy archaic toy in modern times but a good mindset for always.

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