Small Treasures

January 8, 2021 10:48pm
Current Mood: chill

Decided to vacuum out and seal up all of the unused floor vents in the home today to cut down on drafts and save heating costs. Found out that all sorts of things accumulate down in those over the years including tons of dirt and dust, popsicle sticks, crayons, a handful of quarters and change, a bright red fork and this cute little trinket that I put on a neckloop of mine after cleaning it up:

Must have been left behind by a past tenant, like everything else in the floors. Still I found it sitting on top of all of the years worth of dirt and grime with another item that made me feel like maybe it was meant for me; a over-sized nail file of sorts with the name:

Whipped up another successful dinner tonight: tilapia soft tacos with devils food cake and chocolate frosting afterward. House is mostly clean. It's Friday night and everyone is full and off doing their own things before bed time. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a reasonably priced telescope I ordered for the kids and I to use for fun.

I've watched a good handful of movies over the weeks, some old favorites and some new-to-me. Going to list them in no particular order now for no particular reason.

When A Stranger Calls (1979) - "We've traced the call... it's coming from inside the house. Now a squad car's coming over there right now, just get out of that house!" We've all heard the line. The quote is actually from the beginning, not the end, of a pretty solid thriller about a disturbed escaped mental patient that I like to revisit every now and again.
Eat (2014) - This one makes even me squirm a bit. Plot and dialog are a bit simple but the end is a blast. Gorehounds: If you haven't, you should.
Jungle (2017) - I have a bit of a thing for survival or man vs. nature films. Watch Harry Potter battle the jungle.
Batman: The Movie (1966) - Watched this one with one of my kids recently and had forgotten how funny it was. Laughed ourselves into tears as we watched Batman repeatedly punch a rubber shark in the face. Still, I loved the old Batman series when I was a kid so had to pick this up on DVD a few weeks back.
Bloody Reunion (2006) - The title about sums it up. A gory school reunion.
Don't Open The Door (1974) - I tired to like this movie, I really did, but I joked to someone after watching it "They should have named it Don't Start The Movie" so do what you want with that input.
Barney Burman's Wild Boar (2020) - The HELL did I watch?! May need to watch this one again sometime to leave better feedback.
The Dark End Of The Street (2020) - A drama about one night in the life of a handful of characters who live in the same neighborhood while a pet killer is on the loose on their streets. It is a little random and less dark than the title and short plot description suggest but I liked it enough.
Nothing But The Blood (2020) - Okay, this one was so poorly done I had a tough time even finishing it (did after two tries). The topic is spooky enough: religious zealots and cult-like behavior. Is there anything scarier than brainwashed people quoting bible versus while out for blood? I'll give it some points for trying to teach a good lesson on cultism and why it is a negative, but otherwise the movie was a bit "meh".
Abattoir (2016) - Have seen this one more than once and just LOVE the story idea. In this a reporter and police officer investigate why a man is constructing a house from rooms torn out of other homes - rooms where tragic crimes and death have occurred.
Beast (2018) - This followed a popular tried and true formula of girl meets dangerous guy and falls for him only to wonder just how dangerous he really is. In this case, a young woman strikes up a relationship with a man the whole town is convinced is responsible for a series of local murders, even after the community turns on her as well. The real question looms until the end of the film however: is he a killer and which of the two is the truly dangerous one? I actually really dug this one and will be watching it again.
Uncle Peckerhead (2020) - This was pretty goofy but it gave me some good chuckles and was gory as hell in a few places. Flesh eating deomon goes on tour with a new punk band, what could go wrong?

Going to log off and dream for a little while. Wishing you all a lovely night. 🖤

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