A Lovely Idea

January 21, 2021 10:21am
Current Mood: apprehensive

"This world is fucking nuts." I say it out loud to myself all of the time, usually followed with an amused chuckle or exasperated sigh. Of course good things took place yesterday and friends, as well as many others, were filled with hope about the future once more. Sane people are holding the reigns again for a few years it would seem. Maybe there is a chance of steering this mess of a country toward something better before it all really is too late. It's a lovely idea.

Of course many of us are left to ponder new things learned - mostly about those closest to us and their true opinions of others and the world. I am lying if I say I have not felt a heartbreaking amount of disappointment regarding the thoughts openly shared by people I know. How terrible to realize just what sorts of things others are capable of turning a blind eye toward or rationalizing when told that by doing so they are being loyal to some political or religious "team" they think they are part of. I never was big on sports or highly competitive in nature, and religion and blind political obedience has never appealed to me. I agree with what I see as being right at the time or as the better option of what is presented. Often times that seems to land me in leftie-land when it comes to being labeled, and I am fine with this. Call it whatever you want, but there are certain things I will always agree with and certain things you never will be able to convince me of.

I believe that all children deserve shelter, food, a proper education and love. I believe that every citizen should have access to medicine, a doctor and treatment when they need it. I believe in feeding the hungry. I believe in sheltering the homeless. I think that when there is no family or support around to do so, society should come together and care for the disabled, elderly and others who are desperately struggling to build better lives for themselves. I believe that the U.S. should be a melting pot of peoples, cultures and technologies and that immigrants looking to come here for a better life should be able to do so through a simple and humane process. I believe that the environment and all of the creatures on this planet are in grave danger of the consequences of years of unchecked pollution and that saving life on the only planet we have is a cause that should be dear to 100% of the people living on it. Caring saves a community and sharing is a virtue, not a weakness. A lack of understanding and empathy will rot and destroy a society from the inside far more effectively than any outside enemy ever could.

I abhor racism and it tears at my soul just how saturated this country is in it. The last four years was a shitshow of nightmarish headlines, to the point where my heart felt drained each time I logged online to read another depressing or maddening story. To see family and friends siding with corrupt leaders so passionately that they had no choice but to ride it out into some pretty ugly territory was surreal. To know what side they would have remained on had things gotten worse is almost more than can be comprehend or sympathize with.

Yes, there will be a lot to think about this year just as there was during the last one.

The word "hope" always feels like a trap for the shell shocked. I am not sure just how much hope I am filled with right at the moment... so much needs to change starting immediately with how we treat the environment and each other. There is a massive population of people living in this country who are in complete denial of how bad things are getting from a obvious and scientific point of view, and this is a major problem. But how wonderful it would be if the world I left for my children and their potential children was actually on the mend rather than hurling toward total destruction.

It's a lovely idea.

Thanks to my love of horror films there is a short (partial) Ernest Hemingway quote I will always hear in Morgan Freeman's voice along with an added bit that has always struck me right to the core: "Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part."

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