This page only exists because I do; that would be the short description.

I'm just a strange lady who likes to write about her personal journey through life as well as occasionally share a little photography, written work and other goodies. In the day to day people normally call me Michelle and online you'll often find me going by Diabolique Doll. I offer and promise nothing; this page is mostly for my own sharing and amusement.

I'm into films- mainly horror, sci-fi, mystery and crime dramas. I love all kinds of music but especially spend time listening to rock, metal and electronic favorites. Love to bake, garden, take pictures, write and occasionally create interesting things. Am also into hiking, wildlife photography and archery when I am able to spend time outdoors.

I'm a mother of two boys and a disabled daughter. They are my world though I keep much of my family life off of the internet. My other interests range from an atheist's fascination with the occult to collecting Sharpies. I've done more than my share of "dabbling" and "sampling" in life and would like to think I've accumulated an interesting assortment of experiences with still so much more to learn.

I'm polite but say "fuck" a bit much and have a dark and often inappropriate sense of humor. Sometimes it is hard to stick with long term goals; I tend to alternate activities frequently so one day I may be writing about finishing a chapter for some story and the next I may be yaking about wasting the day away with movies and making banana bread. There is no guarantee any of this will be entertaining to anyone other than myself, so you have been warned. ;)

I will add or subtract more to the site as time goes on and moods inspire. Thank you for stopping by and say Hello via email if you'd like.

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"Never reveal yourself to any man who doesn't need to know." - Dr. Jeanne Brault - Eye of the Beholder (1999)